HIGHLIGHTS: Corbin strikes out 12 in no-decision

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Diamondbacks lefty Patrick Corbin matched a care high with 12 strike outs in his team's 2-1, 13-inning victory over the Pirates.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fortunately for the Diamondbacks, Patrick Corbin was just a little bit better.

ANNOUNCER 2: Seven innings are Chaz Roberts' air conditioning-- cool plays of the game. Patrick gave up only three hits, didn't walk a batter and matched a career high with a dozen strikeouts.

ANNOUNCER 1: Best slider he's had all year. I mean, we saw the Pirates who just saw him last week just chasing that slider in the dirt time and time and time again. They really had a good one going-- fastball command was outstanding, his body language on the mound was as good as we've seen it all year.

ANNOUNCER 2: And they hit for him in the bottom half of the innings, so it was 102 pitches for Patrick, 70 strikes.