WATCH: Dyson robs grand slam from Upton

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Jarrod Dyson preserved the Diamondbacks late lead by stealing a grand slam from former D-backs outfielder Justin Upton.

[CRACK OF BAT] COMMENTATOR 1: This is hit deep to center field. Dyson at the wall. Oh my goodness, he got it. Calhoun tags, 6-3.

What a play by Jarrod Dyson in center field. He may have taken a grand slam away from Justin Upton. Wow.



COMMENTATOR 2: Well that ball made that sound coming off of Upton's bat, but Jerrod Dyson was off like a shot to the point you mentioned. He's played a lot in this ballpark. Looks very familiar out there.

Not only did he make a great catch up above the fence, he then got it back into infield so quickly that nobody else could tag in advance, other than the runner from third base and the guy going from second to third.