Who wants to party with the Honeybadger?

Tyrann “The Honeybadger” Mathieu has declared himself a first-round pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, and is hosting a party to celebrate his being taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, which has not yet happened and is not likely to include Mathieu anyway.

No, really. He posted an image of the party promotional materials on Twitter. It’s at nightclub called SL and there is a DJ called Crespo.

There was a point in history at which this would not have seemed the least bit ill-advised, but you’ll recall Mathieu was booted off the LSU football team for failing a bunch of drug tests, briefly moved to Houston ostensibly to rehabilitate from an abusive relationship with marijuana, then got arrested last fall for possession of marijuana.

A one-time Heisman Trophy candidate and probable top-10 NFL Draft pick, Mathieu is now expected to go in the second round, if he’s lucky.

And, look, nobody’s saying this is an evil person — he is accused of doing something that is legal in two states and decriminalized in several others — but he does seem to have a fairly severe self-awareness problem. There is nothing wrong with having a party at a nightclub, but we’re talking about the difference between knowledge and wisdom, here.