Verlander says he’s rediscovered his old ways

PHOENIX — Detroit right-hander Justin Verlander made a little delivery tweak after a pregame video check, and he said he feels like a new man . . . or rather, like the old Verlander. 

The Verlander who won 91 games, a Cy Young and an MVP award over the past five years.

Ten minutes before he took the field for stretch before his Monday start, Verlander took a look at some old shots of himself.

"I came across a couple of pictures of my arm action on the back side," Verlander said. "I was like ‘That doesn’t look the same.’ Went out threw the way I used to throw, and immediately I was able to locate the way I thought I should."

It worked in the bullpen, and he took it to the mound, throwing 6 2-3 innings in a 4-3 victory over Arizona at Chase Field, his 13th consecutive interleague victory. It’s progress for the one-time dominant ace who now stands 9-8 with a 4.84 ERA.

"I could tell right from jump street I was able to throw the way I want," Verlander said. "Really the first time all year that I felt I’ve been able to locate my fastball as well as I would like to. Sometimes you migrate into bad habits and don’t even know it." 

And sometimes you make the rest of the league cry.

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