Tom Brady’s miseries: First Deflategate, now a cold

Tom Brady has been eating garlic to battle a cold he's brought to Phoenix.

Mark Humphrey/AP

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Deflategate has taken a back seat.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a cold. He made the admission at Wednesday’s Patriots availability at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass.

"I’ve had it for four or five days," he said in a voice that displayed obviously congestion. "My kids got sick and my wife is pretty sick right now. I brought it unfortunately to Phoenix, but I’ll be fine. I’ll be good. I’ll be 100 percent."

Reporters didn’t get close enough to Brady to notice its olfactory impact, but Brady’s trusted remedy is . . . garlic.

"A lot of garlic, old remedies, everything I can," he said. "It’s been lingering, so I’m just trying to get some rest."

Brady admitted the cold has given him plenty of time to study film. He said he’s probably watched more film on the Seattle Seahawks defense than any other team in his life.

"I feel like I know these guys pretty well," he said. "I know how they play. I’ve got a lot of respect for the way they play and they’ve got good players and a great scheme and they’ve got very good coaching."

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