T.O. is proud of Miles Austin

T.O. is proud of Miles Austin

David Moore – The Dallas Morning News

Terrell Owens became friends with Miles Austin when he was with the Cowboys. The two still talk and text constantly.

So, what does Owens have to say about Austin’s breakthrough season in 2009?

“I think Miles has adjusted well,” Owens said. “I remember as a rookie, Todd Haley (former Cowboys receiver coach) got on him so bad. He couldn’t adjust to Cover 2 for nothing in the world.

“Now, you see the growth that he’s had. Obviously, he played well last year. Now he just has to build on that.

Here’s the question: if Owens had not been released before last season, would Austin had received the opportunity to develop the way he did?

“I don’t know,” quarterback Tony Romo said. “I’m not a general manager.”

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