The rivalry’s real, but not the photo

Nov. 19, 2013

PHOENIX — This Diamondbacks-Dodgers rivalry should

be boiling hot by the time the two NL West rivals meet down in Australia

in March in the opening volley of the 2014


Even in the dead of the off-season, there’s

no shortage of fuel being added to the


Appearances to the contrary, however, it’s not

the D-backs fanning the flames.

The most recent spark

came this week when a photo of the Chase Field pool was posted on the


History twitter feed showing a sign that reads “No

Dodgers Allowed.”

Photoshop is an amazing


The initiators of the post put up a

disclaimer, saying that they thought the doctoring was obvious, but that

didn’t stop the post from making the internet rounds of various citizen

bloggers and click


“It’s a fake,”

Diamondbacks managing partner Ken Kendrick said


“It makes no sense we would do


For those just emerging from summer

hibernation, the whole thing started when the Dodgers clinched the NL

West title in Arizona on Sept. 19 and some players found their way to

the Chase Field pool to do some post-game

celebrating about a half hour


After downing some bubbly in the clubhouse,

some Dodgers apparently made some bubbles

of their own after storming the


It did not go over very


If it helps, both teams will have a a lot of

water to work with in their next series.

The D-backs

and Dodgers are to open the 2014 regular season with a two-game series

in Sydney, Australia, on March 22-23 at the hallowed Sydney Cricket

Ground, considered the Fenway Park of Australia. The 46,000-seat

stadium, normally home to cricket, rugby and Australian rules football

matches will be reconfigured to host baseball.


either team feel like taking a celebratory dip afterward, the

serendipitously named Double Bay is only about four kilometers north of

the stadium. The Tasman Sea is right around the


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