The Curious Case of Samuel Sosa

Michael Funke, FOX Sports Southwest

Just 11 years removed from the greatest baseball season since 1961, the life and career of Samuel Peralta Sosa has gone well past full circle and into the bizarre. From nobody, to hero, to villain, to nobody, and now into the strange and unusual, the career of Sammy Sosa has metamorphosed from a humble kid from the Dominican Republic to one of the greatest baseball players the sport has ever seen and into a world more suited for the carnival than the baseball diamond. Once considered half of the dynamic duo that saved baseball from itself, and now, in some weird twist of fate, has evolved into a psychologists dream. Skin rejuvenation for some, Freudian-like inner turmoil for others. A hero so shamed, he is unable to look at himself in the mirror. Only Sammy himself knows if it