The Big 12 in the NFL Draft: Part 1

The Big 12 in the NFL Draft: Part 1

Hunter Ansley –

As the NFL draft approaches, our draft expert Hunter Ansley from will look at some of the question surround Big 12 players as they look to reach their dreams of playing in the NFL.

Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy?  Should the Rams go with Bradford even though he is coming off of the shoulder surgery or go with another player and wait to see if McCoy gets to the 2nd Round?

The reason the Rams can’t wait on Colt McCoy is the same reason they can’t wait on Jake Locker next year.  The draft is unpredictable.  The seasons are unpredictable.  If the Rams take Ndamukong Suh hoping to land a franchise passer next year, they could be out of luck if they win too many games.  If they decide to wait until the third (top of second seems too high to me), he could be gone by the time they pick.  Either way, they’re left without a franchise passer, and even in a weak division they won’t compete.

McCoy is a guy that you don’t want to underestimate.  He’s a tough, productive prospect with great intangibles and some underrated skills.  But he’s not Sam Bradford.  Bradford may have missed all of last season, but the shoulder is apparently fine, and he’s the consensus #1 quarterback in this draft.  When you need a guy like that and you have a chance to pick him, you do it.  This is very similar to the Matt Stafford vs. Aaron Curry argument from last year, and I think the results will be the same.

How many Big 12 players do you see going off of the board in the 1st round this year?


The conference is stacked with prospects this year.  Oklahoma has four legitimate first round prospects, and could end up with three of the first four players taken if Bradford goes first, McCoy heads to Tampa, and Washington falls in love with Trent Williams.  Jermaine Gresham skipped last season with an injury of his own, but he’s still the top tight in a lot of minds.  Oklahoma State could send two in Russell Okung and Dez Bryant.  Bryant could go anywhere from sixth to the end of the first, and Okung is more or less the top tackle in the draft.  Texas has two athletic defensive prospects in Sergio Kindle and Earl Thomas.  I’m not as high on Kindle, but he plays a position of need with so many teams moving to the 3-4.  Thomas might be one of the most underrated players in this class.  And Missouri makes the cut with Sean Weatherspoon, the unanimous top option for 4-3 outside linebacker.

And just for fun, I’ll mention Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska.  He might find his way into round one…


While UT, OU, Nebraska and Oklahoma State seem to be getting all of the talk when it comes to