Texans fan takes groom’s cake to next level

The groom’s cake often has a sports-related design. A lot of guys get a logo of their alma mater on it or something. You know, groom’s cakes are not to be taken all that seriously.  

But there is a great big J.J. Watt fan who took his groom’s cake a little more seriously than most, having it made into the shape (and darn near the size) of the Houston Texans defensive end’s upper body. Naturally, one of the groom’s friends, a guy calling himself Bryan Eoff on Twitter (@bdeoff) sent a photo of the cake to Watt himself.

Watt has not responded.

It is apparently wedding season in Watt’s orbit, which has expanded considerably since this time last year. Just last week he “proposed” to a 6-year-old girl who had lamented on YouTube that she wasn’t old enough to marry him.  Watt, 23, is unmarried, though he may have a future in the wedding business.