Tailor-made suit for ASU’s Patterson

Oct. 29, 2013

Depending on your

viewpoint, Steve Patterson might be either the

nation’s best-dressed or worst-dressed athletic


The Arizona State vice president for

university athletics made a splash Wednesday when a photo of him in a

new maroon and gold argyle suit hit social media via senior associate

athletic director Rocky Harris.

If you’re

thinking Patterson probably didn’t find this one on the rack at Brooks

Brothers, you’re right. A company called Loudmouth makes the suit, which

retails for about $520 through the company’s website. Patterson had the

owners of the company in his suite for a football game, and they sent

him the suit as a thank-you gift.

When it arrived at

his office Monday he didn’t hesitate to put it on and wear it the rest

of the day.

The new duds might at least convince

some fans that Patterson is committed to ASU and not interested in the

soon-to-be-vacated athletic director job at Texas, his alma mater, as

reports this week have suggested.

— Tyler Lockman