Suns draft gets mixed reviews

It is really early but the national pundits are divided on what the Suns' draft haul was Thursday night.

The Suns talked up their draft picks Thursday night — and will do so again Friday afternoon when T.J. Warren and Tyler Ennis are introduced — but that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Not to mention they probably really like the players; otherwise they wouldn’t have drafted them.

But what do the pundits think of the haul the Suns came away with from their three first-round picks and a second rounder?

Not surprisingly, the reviews are mixed.

It should be noted the Spurs’ grades were mixed in 2011, when they came away with Kawhi Leonard. That seemed to work out.

But in the age of immediacy, here is a sampling of what national NBA writers think of the Suns’ efforts on Thursday.



"They had three picks in the first round, so they had no shortage of opportunities to pick up something useful. T.J. Warren and Tyler Ennis are accomplished college players who can be factors right away, important for a bunch that is ready to become a playoff team. But the guy who stole the show was Bogdan Bogdanovic, a player so nice they named him twice. And added, ‘-ovic.’"



"This was the serviceable draft Suns fans should have been expecting if not exactly hoping for. Warren is a very good scorer, one of the draft’s best, who should fit in well whether or not the Suns bring back P.J. Tucker. Ennis is the backup point guard they so desperately needed last year. Bogdanovic could contribute right away or stay hidden in Europe for a year or two but seems destined to be a very solid rotation wing. And Brown is a shot-blocker who could gain toughness in the NBA Development League. None of the picks were mistakes. None were reaches. All fit needs."



"The Suns addressed three big needs in the draft. They needed a small forward who can score the ball. Warren can do that. He’s an incredible scorer who just has a nose for the hoop. They needed a back-up point guard and Ennis is as steady as they come. They also needed another 2-guard, and while I doubt Bogdanovic comes over right now, he’s a terrific scorer who could play in the NBA someday. What the Suns didn’t add, and what I think they could use more of, is athleticism. Neither Warren, Ennis nor Bogdanovic are great athletes. All three of these players have the potential to be solid rotation players. Ennis has starter potential someday and Warren’s ceiling may be even higher than that. But I’m not sure what they got here puts them into true contention in the West any time soon."



"I’ll admit that I don’t totally understand the draft the Suns just had but I’m fairly intrigued by it. Three times they had a chance to draft Kyle Anderson and they passed on him. Perhaps that was because they felt T.J. Warren was the necessary wing depth they require. He’s a fantastic scorer inside the arc but they’ll need to develop his 3-point shot to fit in with the roster. Tyler Ennis gives them some Eric Bledsoe insurance just in case they change their mind on his restricted free agency. Bogdan Bogdanovic is a great guard option for them to stash away. I’m not big on Alec Brown, but he’s a big body with a chance to make the team or develop in the D-League."



I guess Warren and the Suns are a match made in heaven. Score a lot, don’t play much defense. I just don’t think that’s a winning formula. And Ennis feels like a big reach here, especially when my favorite sleeper point guard — Shabazz Napier — was still on the board.



Those were the marks Spears gave the Suns for each of their first-round picks. He did not expound on the reasoning for each grade.