Star athlete streetballing during Mormon mission

It turns out that the guys in ties seen playing streetball in a YouTube video are no ordinary Mormon missionaries.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, two men in Henderson, Texas took a break to play a pickup game with a few locals and put on a show with some impressive dunks

Former BYU basketball player Kevin Nixon saw a familiar face in the video gone viral.

According to, Elder Cole Payne, 19, was on a championship basketball team in high school.

After showing off a few of his skills, Payne reportedly called his family to tell them about the streetball game.

Payne’s father told KSL that the locals invited his son to play and had a camera recording in his backpack to capture what he was about to do. The cousin of the former state champ then posted it to YouTube.

It sounds like Payne had been waiting for his chance to show the world he can play with anyone.

But if coaches are hoping to recruit him, they’re too late.

Payne is apparently an all-around athlete. KSL says he was a Utah All-State football player and will be playing wide receiver at Southern Utah when he returns from his mission.