Ryan-Ventura video out at Rangers Ballpark

The headlock seen around the world will no longer be seen at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan’s dust-up with Robin Ventura, which became a staple of the pregame video highlights at the park, won’t be part of the package anymore.

The clip of the 1993 incident, where Ventura charges the mound and is put in a headlock and pummeled by Ryan, has run its course.

“Towards the middle of last season I felt like we were getting to a point where it had been played enough,” said Chuck Morgan, the team’s public-address announcer and executive vice president for in-game entertainment. “In fact we didn’t play it much during the second half the season, focusing more on last year’s highlights. With that in mind I went to Nolan and I told him that out of respect to him that I wanted to give it a rest and focus more on his accomplishments and our recent success.”

Ryan, the club’s president, agreed with the decision and let Morgan have the final call.

Morgan said the decision to drop the clip was made months ago. Ventura is the new manager of the Chicago White Sox, who open the season with a three-game series at Rangers Ballpark.

Morgan said the clip has been played nearly 300 times over the last several years. He knows that not playing it will upset some fans, but he’s ready for that.

“The backlash is fine,” he said. “A lot of folks agree that it is time, just based on the number of times that it has played. And in any given year I would get 20 to 30 complaints from fans who didn’t think it was the right message to send to kids. With the recent success, I just thought it was time to touch on our great moments with a bigger focus on the past couple of years.”