Romo pleased with first-team offensive performance

ARLINGTON, Texas — Tony Romo was pleased with how the first-team offense performed in what is likely their final preseason game. Romo led the Dallas Cowboys on two first-half touchdown drives, the first two of the preseason for the starting unit, during a 24-18 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

“More than anything, you are always trying to build and get better,” Romo said. “I do know from past experience if you struggle in the preseason – not just a series or a game, that’s just too short of a time – but if you struggle throughout the entire preseason, I found that your offense is going to be fighting an uphill battle throughout the year.

“If you’re able to move the ball consistently throughout camp and throughout the preseason games, usually you are able to do similar things in the regular season.”

Romo said he thought it was important to end a couple series with touchdowns to give the first-team unit “a good feeling as we finish the preseason.”

“We did that tonight,” he said. “We’ve been playing well. I think that it was just something we needed to do to kind of cap the preseason, I guess you could say because we hadn’t got in the end zone yet.”

About 15 media members crowded into an AT&T Stadium closet-sized room in the Cowboys locker room, huddled around a phone for a 11-minute conference call with Romo.

The Cowboys franchise quarterback left the stadium without talking to the media because he was interviewed at halftime by the Cowboys public relations staff.

“I wasn’t under the assumption that we would talk after, too,” Romo said as television cameras filmed a phone that was covered with a piece of paper to prevent from revealing Romo’s number.

During the regular season, Romo usually talks to the media at the podium of a room next to the Cowboys locker room.

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