Romo: Cowboys coach Garrett is a ‘fantastic motivator’

Jason Garrett seems like a boring person when he’s speaking about the Dallas Cowboys publicly. Those Monday press conferences can come across as robotic and make it appear as if Garrett would struggle at motivating his team.

But Tony Romo says that’s actually one of the Cowboys coach’s best attributes.

“He’s a fantastic motivator for our football team,” Romo told The Hardline Thursday on 1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM]. “I think that probably doesn’t get seen that often. … He tells stories, he gives analogies, he comes up with different things that allow us to gain an understanding of where you’re at, where we’re at, what we’re trying to do, what we’re trying to become, and what’s important and what matters. He’s got a real gift for that.”

Romo said Garrett does some of his best motivation during the week when it’s that “random Tuesday” and guys are tired of going against the same player in practice every day.

So why doesn’t that side of Garrett come out in public? Well, like Romo said in June, what Garrett says to the media doesn’t aid what the team is trying to accomplish.

“It’s a smart way to go about it with the media,” Romo said. “In my opinion, you just don’t gain a lot from communicating and talking off the cuff and doing a lot of stuff with the media because the sound bites and the story lines just aren’t things that help football teams. He does a great job handling all that stuff.”

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