Rockets James Harden bares his ‘Harden Soul’

Earlier in the week, sports fans and television viewers were treated to a new comical Foot Locker commercial starring the Rockets’ James Harden and the Warriors’ Stephen Curry. In it, Curry tries to talk Harden out of recording his own music. It’s pretty obvious that Harden is a horrible singer. The Rockets guard even himself couldn’t believe the horror when he heard the playback.

But now, for your listening pleasure, the entire one minute and 36 second song has been released. Titled “Harden Soul” (get it?), the full version lives up to everything the commercial promotes.

With lyrics such as, “I work so harden to be with u, I share my harden soul with only u,” James Harden truly outdoes himself.

Foot Locker is also doing their part to promote the single. The sportswear company sent out media kits with a “Harden Soul” T-shirt with a special bearded-heart logo and a James Harden flash drive complete with a removable beard.

That certainly is a lot of effort to sale a few shirts and sneakers.

And if you are inspired by Harden’s vocal talent, you can now take the full version wherever you go as the song can also be purchased on iTunes for a measly 99 cents.

We can’t think of any better way to spend that money.