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Going, Going, SOLD !


Nolan Ryan made $7,000 during his rookie year with the Mets… he had to work jobs in the off-season to make it to the next year… Now, he’s the first Major League player in generations to own a baseball team….and at a $593 million bid… what a marathon for Nolan and sports attorney Chuck Greenberg… they won the court of public opinion, and won in court, beating out Mavs owner Mark Cuban and his group for the winning bid… Nolan said it got to the point that someone had to say “Uncle”… Mark Cuban did, and was gracious in defeat, posting a tweet: “Congrats, Chuck and Nolan…Go Rangers!”


The $593 Million price tag was $130 Million more than the May offer that lenders blocked… all those conspiracy theories that Mark was trying to help jack-up the price are false… he truly wanted to get the Rangers… he’s one of the country’s most visible, fun owners…and he made Dallas a respectable NBA city and so much more…everything from the All-Star Game in front of a record crowd to the ManiAACS… Mark is Mr. Entertainment!


Nolan is the people’s choice…instant credibility! If you don’t know Chuck Greenberg… trust me, you’re going to love him…great guy