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Jet is Grounded


I truely think the Mavs can match-up with anyone with the new guys…including the Lakers.  The only thing that can stop the Mavs…injuries…and it happened on Wednesday, in a game with one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Minnesota T-Wolves.  A game that Jason Kidd sat out to rest, since it shouldn’t take that much effort to win.  The great Jason Terry gets hurt…Corey Brewer’s elbow and forearm broke the Jet’s orbital bone encassing his eye.  He returned to the game to complete an amazing night with 26 points as the Mavs won their 9th in a row.  I thought the T-Wolves went over the line with their physical play…a lot like the way their coach Kurt Rambis played.  There were several instances that ‘Sota looked like they tried to hurt the Mavs.  Well, this one hurts… losing the NBA’s reigning 6th Man of the Year.  He scored several points with cotton in his nose…and poor vision….imagine what he’ll do in the playoffs…the Mavs need the Jet on the runway!


NFL Combine —


Do we really need to see fat lineman in Spandex Under Armour?  Do 40 times and how long your arms are… really matter?  If it did, Alonzo Spellman would be in the Hall of Fame… not guys like Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice, who go in this summer.  Zach Thomas comes to mind too…don’t coaches want football players, not who looks good in Spandex with the Punt, Pass, & Kick!


Things to Watch for in MLB —


Nolan Ryan predicts the Rangers are going to win 92 games.  He also says he’d be disappointed if they didn’t win they’re division.  I would never doubt anything Nolan says.  Josh Hamilton is also in the predicting game…and pretty good at it… last year he missed by 3 wins.  In 2010, Hambone says the Rangers will win 96 games… either way, Nolan or JHam… sounds like Playoffs!


Last Harrahs? Ken Griffey, Jr, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Jim Thome, Houston’s Andy Pettitte, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Cox, and Pedro Martinez… sounds like a 2016 Hall of Fame Tour!


NYY’s Alex Rodriguez needs just 17 HRs to become the 7th player to reach 600.  The last one to do it…Sammy Sosa with the Rangers.  When is Swinging Sammy coming clean like Mark McGwire?  But, then again….did Mac really come clean?  I guess when Sosa wants to get back into baseball to be a coach….and what about ARod…which HR’s of the projected 600 at the All-Star Break do we count?


Minnesota Snow/Rain Outs… hope they got a lot of open dates in August for double-headers.  Ron Washington played as a rookie for the Twins back in 1981…which was the last time the Twinkies played outdoors.  All he remembers is nasty rain and cold.  He said, many times games started at 9:30, 10….because they waited for the rain to blow over.  If anybody needs a domed stadium…it’s ‘Sota !


How ’bout Kansas —-


As perenial powers like North Carolina, UConn, Arizona, etc… struggle to keep consistent… what about Kansas…who fended up a rising cross-state rival Kansas State to capture the Jayhawks 6th straight Big 12 Crown…and are an absolute lock for a # 1 seed…


‘Cuse is in the House —- it’s a Big East Feast !


Co-Workers get sick of me pointing out my alma mater… but, why not?  I’m not above it… Syracuse is currently # 1 in all-polls…that’s right…a year before a guy named Fab Melo comes to the ‘Cuse…he’s 7-foot and shoots like that other Melo who won us a National Championship in 2003.  Perhaps you remember that year…the Orange went from unranked to Number 1!  And we were Big 12 Champs too… went 8-0 against the conference… and whiped-out Texas and Kansas in the Final Four…memories.  But, this year’s Orange is a great pick in your company brackets…unfortunately, not much of a secret…sure SU has it’s first round exits…but, think about this…9-0 against ranked teams…and undefeated on the road.  Plus, Syracuse will get sent to either the South or West…the East Regional is getting played at the Carrier Dome…can’t have that homecourt advantage like OSU/OU gets at the Ford Center in OKC or Kansas does in the state of Missouri.  And by the way, I hate the name Orange…we’re the Orangemen…which is a salute to the Last of the Mohicans…the bravest Indian tribe in Up-State NY.  The Mohicans used to put Orange Stripes on their faces…hence, Orangemen…not a derogatory reference to skin.  Like the NFL team in the nation’s capital.  I’m still having a hard time getting ready for the battle with the Red Storm of St. John’s…since when does a Red Storm come to Long Island, NY… that’s a storm of red sea…the killing of fish from a hurricane…I’ve experienced that growing up in Florida… and it’s horrible…your eyes burn…it smells like dead fish… why would you want to be called after that?  Never liked the Johny-es, anyway !


Moral of the story…ride the Orange in your brackets…if they get shipped out… school’s won’t know how to play against the zone…which Bobby Montgomery Knight says is the best Jim Boeheim has ever had !