RichRod rips rule proposal with ‘Speed’ parody video

Arizona's Rich Rodriguez has been vocal about his opposition to a proposed rule that would limit offensive tempo.

Kelly Presnell

One of the hottest topics in college football over the past month has been the proposal of a "10-second rule" that would disallow offenses from snapping the ball until at least 10 seconds have run off the play clock. Proponents Nick Saban of Alabama and Bret Bielema of Wisconsin — both coaches with defensive backgrounds — have been critical of up-tempo offenses, and while they have suggested that the proposal is about player safety, there is widespread belief among both fans and other coaches that it has much more to do with strategy and a desire to eliminate an offensive advantage.

Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, who has traditionally run one of the faster-paced offenses in the country, stated his case against the proposal last month, calling it "shocking" and "ridiculous." He said at the time, "The game is in a good spot right now. People are watching it, and now we’re going over schemes? What’s (next)? Are we going to make everybody get into a three-point stance? It’s silly."

Lines were drawn, and that was that.

Until Monday, that is, when Arizona released a video on its YouTube page featuring Rodriguez and Arizona director of player personnel Matt Dudek, who collaborated on a pair of (ahem) unique Old West-themed recruiting videos last year titled "Hard Edge."

This one, a parody of the movie "Speed," stars RichRod as Keanu Reeves (really) and Dudek as a maniacal Dennis Hopper, with the entire 2-minute, 45-second video serving as a not-at-all-subtle shot at the proponents of the 10-second rule and the proposal itself. In that regard, it certainly can be considered a success.

The closing line: "Speed: We’ll only get faster."


"Matt Dudek thinks the Oscars were too soon," Rodriguez said Monday. "He thinks he should be up for some kind of daytime Emmy. That was fun. It only took an hour of my time. Our video people are so talented. They just tell me to show up and shoot for half an hour or 45 minutes and I’m done. Next thing you know they put out some little video. I’ll catch grief from some people about it but it’s fun."

And in case you’re still not clear as to exactly where RichRod stands on the whole tempo thing, he followed up on his video appearance with this comment regarding his continued frustration over the proposal.

"We keep looking at it. Every time I get an opportunity to say something about how ridiculous the proposal is, I say it. There has been more and more information coming out that the pace of play is not an issue of players’ safety.

"I am hoping everybody on the (voting) committee will make a more informed decision than the rules committee made. I think the rules committee made a poorly informed decision. I don’€™t think there is any way that it can pass or that it should pass. I think it is ridiculous that it even got this far."