RGIII gets married in lavish ceremony in Colorado

Robert Griffin III has had many milestones in his life and career. Becoming a star quarterback at Baylor University. Being selected No. 2 overall at the 2012 NFL Draft. Leading a NFL franchise to their first division title this millennium. And, you know, winning a Heisman trophy.

But probably the most important milestone of the 23-year-old’s life took place Saturday near Boulder, Colo.

Engaged since October 2010, Robert Griffin III took the plunge with his college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat in her hometown.

Dressed in all white, RGIII started the day off by tweeting ‘The easiest way to say it…..BIG DAY!’

Though they were in Colorado, Griffin’s football history was there in full support.

The Baylor alum was surround by former Bears teammates including coach Art Briles, who also took to Twitter to post photos of the joyous occasion.

Griffin’s former teammate Ike Williams was even a best man at the ceremony.

The Heisman winner’s past caught up with his present when Briles was spotted chatting with current Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Current teammate, offensive lineman Chris Chester, make a quip about RGIII sitting the O-line and fullbacks close to the bar.

Radio personality Rock Newman was able to capture and share other memorable moments from the ceremony and reception. Judging by the photos, it seems the QB didn’t have any problems walking down the aisle or dancing on his surgically-repaired right knee.


The couple enjoying their first dance. No word yet if Griffin serenaded her like he did during the proposal.


Griffin dancing with his mom, Jackie.


It seems as the couple and guests had a fun time. Now, the new Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III can go home and enjoy their room-full of fan-purchased presents.

It must be nice to be RGIII.