RG3 thanks fans after being showered with wedding gifts

People sure do love RG3.

How much so? Enough to shower him with wedding gifts even though he could probably buy them all himself.

News broke earlier in the month that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was getting married July 6th to his longtime fiancé Rebecca Liddicoat, and the couple had registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It didn’t take long for the Baylor alum’s fans to take action and congratulate the QB on his big day.

Earlier Sunday morning, RG3 tweeted a shot of him standing in a room filled with packages of items from the registry and thanked all the fans for their blessings.

But, not everyone is happy to see the rich get richer. One ‘Debbie Downer’ tweeted “something is wrong when the poor buy goods for the rich. Hmmm….” to which RG3 replied “Which [is] why I appreciate the gesture.”

Even with all the fans hospitality, there are still some items that have yet to be fulfilled, so feel free to show your support as well. The Vera Wang Toasting Flutes are still available.

If leading the Washington Redskins to their first division title in 13 years gets RG3 some house goods, there’s no telling what people will do if he wins the franchise a Super Bowl.