Report: Bills’ Williams wants engagement ring back

You meet the love of your life, you buy her an $800,000 engagement ring and she breaks up with you.

You get that ring back, do you not? Mario Williams thinks you do, and he’s taking his ex-fiance to court over it, according to

The Buffalo Bills defensive end on Monday filed a lawsuit against his ex-fiance in Harris County, Texas, where Williams began his NFL career as a member of the Houston Texans. The suit alleges, essentially, that the woman, Erin Marzouki, is a gold digger.

No, really. It does.

“Defendant never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts,” the document reads.

Williams wants his ring back, he wants about $300,000 more re-paid to him and he wants a restraining order placed on Marzouki to prevent her from selling the ring.