Remember Jesse McGuire, Arizona? He’s still got it

Dr. Jesse McGuire reacts after performing the national anthem before a Diamondbacks-Brewers playoff game in 2011.

Ross D. Franklin

Oddly enough, a national anthem performance was one of the highlights of the NFL’s divisional-round weekend, as trumpeter Jesse McGuire "absolutely dominated" the anthem (in the words of prior to Sunday’s 49ers-Panthers game in Charlotte. In case you missed, here’s a video of the stirring rendition:

But wait … Jesse McGuire? Yes, Jesse McGuire, who some Arizonans might remember as the anthem performer at many a Diamondbacks playoff game back in the team’s not-so-long-ago glory days.

While there’s not a ton of video out there on the interwebs, here’s a look back at one of his memorable Chase Field (nee Bank One Ballpark) performances, this one coming before Game 2 of the 2001 NLCS between the D-backs and Braves.

Fair to say he was as good then as he is now (or vice versa).