Rangers’ president cooking up something new

FORT WORTH, Texas – Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan was known for bringing the heat during his major league pitching career.

Soon Ryan will be known for bringing good burgers and steaks to a dinner table near you.

Ryan, the president of the Texas Rangers, will have a cookbook come out in May of 2014. Titled “The Nolan Ryan Beef Cookbook,” the offering is a perfect way for Ryan to capitalize not only on his name but also help his beef company, Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Texas Beef.

“It’s beef recipes and it ties the meat company in and it gives people different opportunities of different ways to prepare beef and then side dishes,” said Ryan, who moonlights as a cattle rancher.

But if you’re looking for Ryan’s favorite recipes, you won’t find them. Ryan said he doesn’t do much cooking at home, but it doesn’t mean he’s not having any input on the book.

“We’ve been working on it for the past year,” Ryan said. “We’ve tried all the recipes. We’ve had tastings. I’m very excited about it.”

This isn’t the first time Ryan has done a book. He’s worked on autobiographies and lent his name to a pitching book too.

“This is something different,” he said. “It’s still a long time from going out but it should be interesting.”

Ryan’s beef is sold in grocery-store chains throughout Texas as well as several restaurants in the state.