Rangers manager not concerned about Isaac

ARLINGTON, Texas — Texas manager and New Orleans homeowner Ron Washington has seen enough hurricanes in his time that he’s not too concerned about Tropical Storm Isaac brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

“It’s Isaac,” Washington said. “It’s not Katrina. There’s only one Katrina. I’m not worried about Isaac. Come on, drop your water, blow your wind and get on.”

Isaac is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and hit somewhere near New Orleans.

Washington’s New Orleans East home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina when Washington was the third-base coach for the Oakland A’s in 2005. Washington rebuilt the house but lost many of the possessions, including a Gold Glove Award given to him by Eric Chavez and a Cadillac that was replaced by the Rangers a couple of years ago.

Washington was in Baltimore when Katrina hit that August and ended up missing an A’s series to go check on his house. Washington isn’t worried about Isaac because his house doesn’t flood in normal hurricane conditions. Katrina was anything but normal. Washington’s neighbors were forced to stay in their attic for two days before being rescued.

“I wasn’t really worried,” Washington said. “I was naïve. We never ran from hurricanes. We just hunkered down. The time Katrina hit I was trying to tell my family to stay. We don’t run from hurricanes. But I was in Baltimore.”

Washington will have a full house this week as he expects at least 10 family members to make their way from New Orleans Tuesday. His wife Gerry will handle the family while Washington deals with the Rangers.

He said he has no plans to board up his house and will have family members and his gardener pick up once Isaac moves through. Washington also said he has no plans to go to New Orleans on the off day Thursday.

“The family is getting out so I’ll have a house full starting tomorrow,” Washington said. “They’ll only be here for a couple of days. The hurricane’s supposed to hit Wednesday so they’ll turn around and go back Thursday. This is not Katrina. There’s only one Katrina. This is Isaac. He might be a punk.”