Rangers hope to rebound after meeting

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The exact details of what was said during Saturday’s postgame meeting in the Texas clubhouse will likely never be known to those who weren’t there.

But one fan of the Rangers will have a good idea.

Texas manager Ron Washington got a note from a fan Saturday that he slipped into his pocket. He read the note after the meeting and it hit on everything that was hit on during the meeting.

“What I’m seeing people are seeing the same thing,” Washington said. “Everything I told my guys this woman got in this letter. How real is that? What she is she’s a fan of the Texas Rangers. She’s letting me know what she’s seeing. People see the same thing.”

Washington wasn’t the only person to speak in the meeting. Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and first-base coach Gary Pettis also talked.

The message was simple.

“The things we’ve been doing are just not us,” Washington said. “We’re certainly better than that. We’ve just got to get back to doing what we do.”

For Washington, that means making the routine plays. The Rangers had three errors Saturday and were all costly. One play that didn’t result in an error was the Elvis Andrus held ball on a play in which he thought the ball hit Erick Aybar in the seventh inning. When that play happened, Washington’s mind was made up that there would be a meeting after the game win or lose.

The meeting did not include any temper tantrums.

“Bring them back to reality,” Washington said. “I’m not one of those that throws stuff or rants and raves and turns stuff over. I played the game. I’m not a manager who didn’t play. I understand what those guys are feeling when it’s good. I understand what they’re feeling when it’s not good.”

Washington said he only has meetings when it’s necessary. After Saturday’s game, it was time.

“Some things you’ve got to let work themselves out,” Washington said. “That was real ugly game last night.”

And as bad as things have gone for the Rangers in their season high four-game slide, Texas still went into Sunday’s game 3 ½ games ahead of Los Angeles.

Last year the Rangers had a lead bigger than 3 ½ games just one day before July 16. Even with the need for a meeting, there’s no need one panicking.

“This group has been together for a long time and experienced a lot together,” Young said. “There’s nothing that some wins or losses during the course of a regular season don’t really have an effect on us. Our sole purpose is to try and get better. That’s served us well and we’re going to try and do it.”