QB coach: Hundley would go No. 1 in draft


discussion about whether the Cardinals should look for their quarterback

of the future with the seventh pick in the draft has been muted by the

consensus that there really is no franchise quarterback available this

year. Players such as Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib simply aren’t seen as

being in the same class as Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, et


But the story might be different — at least

according to one quarterbacking expert — if local kid Brett Hundley

were just one year older. David Clarkson, a renowned quarterback tutor,

said in an exclusive interview over the weekend that he believes

Hundley, a redshirt sophomore this year who went to Chandler High School

before heading off to UCLA, would be the “top pick” in this year’s

draft if he were eligible.

Here’s the

rest of what Clarkson had to say, as transcribed by

FOXSports.com’s Ross Jones:

The NFL Draft is just

days away, and while many experts have negative things to say about this

year’s crop of quarterbacks, one will probably end up being selected in

the first 10 picks.

Whoever that player is (Geno

Smith?) better thank his lucky stars, because one famed quarterback

coach says if UCLA’s Brett Hundley were eligible, he’d be the cream of

this year’s class.

“I think he’d be the top pick in

(this year’s) draft,” famed QB guru Steve Clarkson told FOXSports.com in

an exclusive interview over the


Hundley had one of the

more memorable seasons in school history, leading the Bruins to a 9-5

record, a win over USC and a berth in the Holiday Bowl. Although the

quarterback is only a redshirt sophomore this year, at the end of the

season he will have been out of high school for three years, making him

eligible for the 2014 NFL Draft.

“I love Brett

Hundley because he is a big, physical specimen that is an accomplished

passer even at a young age and was very dominant in high school. What he

did at UCLA was outstanding,” Clarkson said.

“He has

every element you want in a quarterback in terms of size, strength,

ability to throw on the move, ability to stay in the pocket, traditional

progression reads. He’s got the total


Clarkson has worked with the likes of Ben

Roethlisberger, Matt Barkley, Josh Freeman and Matt Leinart.