‘Presumptuous’ Gortat ready to dominate

After a three-week U.S. rehab visit, Suns center Marcin Gortat seems

pretty intent on leading Poland to some level of glory at the upcoming

Eurobasket Tournament in Slovenia.

In a story

posted on Eurobasket2013.org, the “Polish (Quote)

Machine” was — as usual — splendidly candid on the topics of his

abilities, the health of his foot and his fondness for


Speaking specifically of the European

tournament (we think), Gortat said: “I’ll do anything to dominate the

paint, I am convinced that there is no basketball player who can guard

me. What I say might sound presumptuous, but at this point I’m very


The website’s main takeaway from this

story was Gortat’s claim that he’s “tired of


Well, he’s had plenty of it around here and

— despite roster-related team optimism regarding a future that Marcin’s

expiring contract won’t allow him to participate in — figures to

encounter a little more before moving on.

We really

don’t mind if Gortat is a bit “presumptuous” but wonder if there was

something lost in translation.

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