Prescott Valley CHL team buries owner, GM in ticket-selling push

A construction crew prepares the site where the Arizona Sundogs owner and general manager will be buried in an 8-foot-deep container.

Arizona Sundogs majority owner Brad Fain and general manager Chris Presson are being buried in a storage container at noon Wednesday in an attempt to sell 300 new season tickets.

The "Buried Alive" campaign is the second such effort by the team, the Central Hockey League affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes, to get a head start on their season ticket sales.

Fain took part in last year’s stunt, which put him in a scissor lift for six days as he and other members of the Sundogs staff waited for fans to purchase their tickets. With more preparation and fan awareness, Fain believes he is ready for his next adventure.  

"Mentally, I’m not trying to think about it. Wednesday I’ll be down in a hole and then will go from there," Fain said, "We did the campaign last year and had no preparation. I know what to expect this year, so that should help."

Fain and Presson will be inside of an eight-foot container with a grated cattle guard at the top, allowing for air circulation and the opportunity for fan interaction. They will be buried in the container until their goal is met.


The idea to complete a stunt to sell tickets came about as a way to get fans to purchase their season tickets earlier and gain recognition in the Prescott Valley community.

"Last year, we were at the end of the season and thought we needed to do something unique and different to bolster our ticket sales," Fain said. "Most fans wait until September or October to buy their tickets, so we kicked around ideas on how to get attention and bring awareness up and push people into action."

Operating a minor league team offers the opportunity to come up with unique marketing tactics and teams must capitalize to keep the fans coming to the arena.

"This is something we can do at the minor league level that you won’t see the Coyotes or Kings do," Fain said, "You have to be crazier at the minor-league level to gain the attention."

As far as commitment to the stunt, Fain said he is ready to spend as much time as it is needed to sell those 300 tickets.

"We are committed to the 300. We are relying on the fan base and our community support to come through again," Fain said.

Last year, fans came out to show their support and give encouragement as word spread and they are hoping for an even better turnout this year.

"It was actually a really good experience. Fans were driving by and honking every morning, people stopping by every day to give encouragement, bringing us food, keeping us entertained," Fain said. "Seeing the community rally was really great and helped make it go by faster than expected."

Fain and Presson will be buried in an empty dirt lot, located off State Route Highway 69 and Prescott East Highway, in front of Antelopes Bowling Alley in Prescott Valley.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call (928) 759-6600 or visit