Prescott Valley CHL team to bury owner, GM in ticket-selling push

The Arizona Sundogs, a Central Hockey League affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes, are at it again with another publicity-seeking attempt to sell 300 new season tickets.

On Friday, the Sundogs began digging up dirt in an empty lot in order to place majority owner Brad Fain and general manager Chris Presson in an 8-foot deep container. The container will have one grated cattle guard on the top for air circulation and fans will be able to interact with them during the "Buried Alive" ticket campaign. Fain and Presson will begin their stay underground on Wednesday, June 18, at noon.

Minor-league sports franchises are known for their unique marketing tactics, and this isn’t the Sundogs first rodeo when it comes to something of this nature.

Last year, the Prescott Valley team put four members of the organization in a scissor lift until they reached their goal of 300 new season ticket sales. They were in the lift for six days.

"Our objective is to ensure the longevity of the Sundogs in this community for many years to come", Presson said in the Sundogs release. "Season tickets are, our bread and butter and through the support of our community and surrounding areas we will continue to make strides toward securing a place for hockey in Northern Arizona."

The Sundogs doubled their number of season tickets after last year’s campaign and look to continue that trend after their 2013-14 season that ended after they were eliminated in the semifinals of the CHL playoffs.

The container will be buried at the intersection of State Route 69 and Prescott East Highway in Prescott Valley.

"I want to encourage the entire region to come out and show their support and appreciation in their efforts to building a successful organization and professional hockey in Northern Arizona," Fain said. "I am happy to make a sacrifice of myself toward reaching a larger community goal with this team."