Padres’ Venable takes issue with Darvish

Not everyone was enamored with Yu Darvish’s debut on Wednesday, especially one of the two men to get a hit off the Japanese phenom during his first start of spring training: San Diego Padres outfielder Will Venable.

During the postgame press conference, Darvish said he thought the conditions aided the two hits he gave up in his two innings.

“With the dry air in Arizona and the wind blowing out, it carried the ball,” Darvish said through an interpreter. “It didn’t seem like a ball was hit that squarely.”

Venable was a guest on “The Darren Smith Show” on XX 1090 in San Diego on Thursday and was told about the quote.

Venable had his own thoughts on what happened.

“I think the wind saved it from being a home run,” Venable said. “I also heard that he didn’t think I hit it squarely. If that’s the case, I don’t think anyone has squared off a ball off of him. That’s as well as I could hit a ball, to be honest. I don’t know if something was lost in translation there.

“I would have liked to hear a little more humility from the guy. To each his own. He’s a confident guy. Of course I didn’t square up a ball because he’s Yu Darvish.”

Venable smashed a double off the center field wall in the second inning, the second double given up by Darvish on the day.

Darvish finished the game without giving up a run in his two innings and striking out three.