Old rivalries hard to let go for some Aggies

Texas A&M and Texas may be in different conferences now, but that doesn’t mean the rivalry is dead.

Several maroon-clad Texas A&M students pledging to a fraternity were caught drawing “ATM” logos with chalk on buildings around the University of Texas campus in Austin, according to the UT Police Department’s Campus Crime Watch report last week.

One student “explained that he along with the other nine students were pledging the Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity,” the UT Police report stated. “The group was currently on a scavenger hunt and needed to place the ‘ATM’ logo somewhere on UT.”

All of the students were issued Criminal Trespass Warnings. One was issued a court appearance citation for Criminal Mischief, apparently after going for extra credit.

From the police report:

“For extra points they needed to get their pictures taken with the police. … The one A&M student who had allowed his picture to be taken, while he drew a large ATM on the south side of the Main Building, was issued a court appearance citation for Criminal Mischief. It was the officers who were taking their pictures. I know, Poor Aggies.”

This isn’t the first incident of Texas A&M-related graffiti. The UT campus was tagged with spray paint in October 2011 and October 2012 with popular Aggie lingo such as “Howdy,” “Gig ’em,” and “Farmer’s fight.”

The Longhorns’ hands aren’t completely clean either. Last year Texas A&M purchased a billboard on I-35 in Austin featuring an Aggie Football player proclaiming “This is SEC Country”, and it was vandalized with burnt orange paint shortly after it went up.

Seems like the schools just can’t get over each other; after all, both schools’ fight songs have kept the special lyric that disses the other.  The Longhorns’ “Texas Fight” says “Goodbye to A&M” and “The Aggie War Hymn” still states “Saw varsity’s horns off.”

Old habits are hard to break, especially if part of a rivalry that dates to the 19th century.