Nowitzki gets the Honey Badger Treatment

The NBA is very familiar with the animal kingdom.

There is the Black Mamba in Los Angeles and the Durantula in Oklahoma City, not to mention the Bobcats you’ll find in Charlotte, the Grizzlies in Memphis and Timberwolves in Minnesota.

But has the NBA now found their own honey badger?

The Mavericks viral video department is at it again, releasing their latest video to YouTube this week that puts their own spin on the famous “Honey Badger” clip that went viral earlier this year.

But this time, instead of breaking down the hunting tactics of Africa’s most versatile killer, the narrator “Randall” takes a look at the unusual mannerisms and maneuvers that “D-Nasty” shows on the court, such as his famous, one-legged fall away jump shot. … Good luck blocking that, stupid!

And just like the honey badger hunting his prey, Nowitzki makes some “re-Dirk-ulous” faces on the court when he’s angry.

The video is being shown during Mavericks home games at the American Airlines Center, but it has a ways to go before catching up to the original honey badger meme in terms of YouTube views, which currently sits at more than 38 million.