Nick Foles goes undercover at fantasy football drafts as a waiter

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles took a page from Peyton Manning’s playbook and donned a goofy mustache for one of his sponsors, Marriott Courtyard.

Several fantasy leagues held drafts at one of the chain’s Philadelphia hotels recently where Foles, in various facial hair stylings, lurked around as a waiter during the drafts. 

"You look EXACTLY like Nick Foles" one of the fantasy owners exclaimed. 

It’s tough to go incognito at 6-feet-6 with only a little extra scruff, and pretty much all the owners called him out. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all.

Tough break for the guy who got peer pressured into taking Foles in the sixth round when the quarterback exclaimed that he hadn’t been drafted yet.

[H/T Crossing Broad]