Mind-blowingly awful week for Cardinals

Dec. 10, 2012

TEMPE, Ariz. – There are weeks to

remember, weeks to forget and weeks when you consider a full frontal


Yeah. The latter was the Cardinals’ week.

Let’s review while stretching the definition of week in a Beatles,

eight-days-a-week kind of way.

On Dec. 2, following a

mind-numbing (we do like to stay consistent with our themes) 7-6 loss

to the Jets, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett did

something to Kerry Rhodes that may or may not have

involved saliva after refusing a direct order from the coaching staff to

allow the Jets to score so the Cards could get the ball back and, you

know, actually have a chance to win.

On Tuesday,


Cardinals cut Valley icon Todd Heap, who insinuated

ever so slightly that there was more to the story of his PCL sprain.

Heap refused to elaborate, taking the high road in discussing the


On Wednesday, wide receiver Larry

Fitzgerald was caught by a group of reporters taking the low road when

he chided receiver Andre Roberts for missing practice due to an injury

by referring to Roberts as “Heap.”

Later that day,

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt reworked his lesser-of-two-evils rankings

for quarterbacks Ryan Lindley and John Skelton and re-anointed

Skelton his starter — for the third time this


Minutes later, everyone’s desired starter,

Kevin Kolb, made it all but clear that he won’t

be playing again this season because his ribs are

calcifying in a highly unnatural manner.

On Friday,

word leaked that Dockett would

be fined six figures — perhaps as much as $200,000

— for his actions against the Jets.

On Sunday, with

Dockett playing the role of spectator for the early portions of the

game as part of his punishment, the Cards turned the ball over eight

times and set the franchise record for worst

defeat ever in a 58-0 loss in Seattle, raising the

calls for Whisenhunt’s firing to a fevered pitch.


on Monday, Docket

declined a chance to profess faith in his head

coach. But now we’re stretching this into a second week, aren’t


— Craig Morgan