Mikkel Boedker: Great/awful weatherman

Mikkel Boedker has

taken a step forward with the Coyotes this year, putting up a

team-leading 19 points in 33 games. The 23-year-old is only nine points

away from setting a career high in scoring despite the season being cut

nearly in half by the lockout.

For some reason or

another, local news station ABC 15 concluded that this development would

somehow also lend itself to weather forecasting. The station invited Boedker on for a guest spot earlier this week. The result was either the

worst or greatest weatherman performance in the history of weatherman

performances, depending on your appreciation for unintentional comedy,

as well as the revelation that Boedker apparently has no idea where

Phoenix is located.

Watch and


Among our favorite lines:


Canyon is gonna be cold, so don’t go out there. If you go out there, go

out for five minutes, because that’s all it takes to see Grand


“Surprise? Never


“Rest of the week? Don’t really care. We’re

not here . . . so rain is fine with me.”

“If you’re up

late, can’t get your children to bed, take ’em


“There’s not much out in


Of course, more than a few people

(including some Coyotes fans) would take exception to that last comment;

Gilbert does have a population of more than 200,000, which compares

favorably to that Boedker’s hometown of Brondby, Denmark, a suburb of

Copenhagen with a population of 34,000.

But, clearly,

if Mikkel Boedker says it while reporting the weather, it’s the