Mike Smith’s goal, re-enacted with bobbleheads

Mike Smith is one of 11 goalies in NHL history to score a goal, but he’s almost certainly the only one of those to have his historic achievement re-enacted in bobblehead form.

Smith, the Phoenix Coyotes’ veteran netminder, shot a puck the length of the ice into an empty net in the final second of a 5-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Oct. 19 — the puck crossed the line with 0.1 seconds left — in the process becoming the first goalie to actually put the puck into the opposing net (rather than be credited with a goal as the last player to touch the puck) since 2002.

Coincidentally, the Coyotes had scheduled a Mike Smith bobblehead giveaway for a game against the Washington Capitals on Nov. 9. And since the bobblehead was in their possession (along with the others the team has previously released) and there was a moment that demanded historical preservation, what better way to go than bobblehead-themed stop-action video?