McCarthy makes odd music requests; D-backs respond

The Diamondbacks’ media relations reps, Patrick O’Connell and Casey Wilcox, recently handed out a lined sheet of paper to every player on the team with a very simple request: a list of songs to add to the stadium mix for during batting practice. Straightforward and innocuous enough, right?

Well, nothing is innocuous in the hands of pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who’s known around the clubhouse as someone not to be taken very seriously; his hilarious Twitter account confirms this on a daily basis.

And on Saturday, McCarthy tweeted out a picture of his completed list along with the caption “I’m known for being very helpful.” That remark is a sarcastic one, just to be clear, as his list starts with “Jingle Bells” — by high-pitched comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite — and includes such chart-toppers as “A six minute recording of (teammate Trevor) Cahill breathing through his nose,” “A 20 minute loop of the Microsoft error noise” and “A recording of a mall Santa swearing at kids under his breath.”

Here’s the complete list:


The jokester reputation is a well-earned one, obviously.

But rather than just throwing the list out, O’Connell, Wilcox and the Diamondbacks had some fun with it — and made things interesting during batting practice.

Alas, the D-backs did not play any of his requests, and the team said afterward that the Twitter reply to McCarthy was a joke. In that regard, it was the perfect response.