Mavs considering adding Devin Harris, Jermaine O’Neal

The Dallas Mavericks are cornering the market on point guards, as they are in the process of adding Devin Harris to a fold that also includes probable starter Jose Calderon and kids Gal Mekel and Shane Larkin, whom they took with the 18th pick in Thursday’s draft.

But Devin Harris — who was on the Mavericks’ 2006 Finals team, then was swapped to the Nets for Kidd and has also played for the Jazz and then the Hawks — is reportedly returning to Dallas with a three-year, $9-mil contract.

The Mavs have long considered this idea. So has Devin.

“It’s always crossed my mind,” he said last week at Dirk’s Heroes baseball game. “It’s crossed my mind since I left. Obviously, I think it would be cool to come back. … Dallas has always been home.”

There is some media talk about Harris playing the 2; that’s less than an ideal fit, but after the Howard-to-Houston decision, less-than-ideal fits are what you deal with.

Same goes for the Jermaine O’Neal talk first revealed on Boards. His greatest years were working under Carlisle in Indy, when from 2003-07 he was essentially a 20/10 guy and a perennial All-Star. Now? O’Neal is a 17-year veteran whose greatest appeal is that like Devin, he’s “family.”