Mack Brown: I’m not going to be fired

Many people have called for Longhorns head coach Mack Brown’ job over
the past few years. After Colt McCoy went down in the National
Championship game in 2010, the program hasn’t been the same.

Heading into this season, Brown has ranked at the top of many lists of coaches in the hot seat.

But Mack Brown will not be fired.

Why the confidence, because the man said it in an interview with Yahoo! Sports.

“‘I’m not going to [be fired],’ he said flatly,” wrote Yahoo! expert Pat Forde.

In fact, Brown went on to talk about his future, a much longer time than many fans in Austin were hoping.

“I want to finish at Texas,” Brown continued. “If I’m healthy and we
win, I’m going to try to make 2020 [when his current contract expires]. I
think it would be fun to do that, get back on another roll.

“We’re coaching because we like it. We’re coaching because we’re having fun. We don’t need the money.”

And what about the mindset of leaving while your on the top of your game? Brown doesn’t buy into it.

Brown revealed, “People have said, ‘What about your legacy?’ Who cares about your legacy? You’re dead when you have one.”

Well, it’s good that Brown doesn’t care about his legacy, because it
certainly took a hit the past few seasons. Though maybe the Longhorn
community wished he cared just a little bit more.

In college football, winning is everything.

OK in football, winning is everything.