Louisiana-Lafayette’s sweet football practices

In the world of college football, Louisiana-Lafayette might not have the practice facilities of some of the powerhouse teams they play like Florida, Arkansas and Kansas State.

But one thing they do have that nobody else does … a DJ.

The Ragin’ Cajuns posted a video on-line this week of some of their spring practices which showcased a DJ spinning to help get the team fired up and motivated to work.

But to hear head coach Mark Hudspeth describe it, it is even funnier.

“We might be the only team in the national that has their own DJ at practice,” Hudspeth said. “We’ll start off the practice with a little hip-hop, then get into a little bit of dance mix later on before we get into the crowd noise music during team periods. Back when I played, I wish we had something like this.”

Hudspeth claims this approach to practice has helped his team on the field, and after going 9-4 in 2012 and winning the New Orleans Bowl, he might have a point.

But one thing is for sure, Louisiana-Lafayette has the hippest practices in the nation.