Jones: People will ‘suffer’ for Cowboys’ latest loss

By Mike Piellucci

Jerry Jones is a very unhappy man after Dallas’ latest loss, and said members of the Cowboy organization will pay the price after the team’s 45-7 humiliation at the hands of Green Bay.

“There are a lot of people here who are certainly going to suffer and suffer consequences,” the Cowboys owner said. “I’m talking about within the team — players, coaches who have got careers. This is certainly a setback. I know firsthand what it is to have high expectations. I think unquestionably that our expectations were thinking we’re something we were not, possibly looking at what might be relative to a Super Bowl. All of those things have certainly contributed early.

One of those expected to face those consequences is head coach Wade Phillips, as for the first time, Jones did not go out of his way to assure the media that Phillips would keep his job until the end of the season.

Jones, who has never fired a coach midseason, said he would address the team on Monday but did not divulge what he would be discussing with them.

Jones certainly wasn’t shy about discussing his team’s shortcomings on the field, however.

“We have so many things that we need to correct and address, as this game so vividly exposed and previous games have,” he continued. ‘I’ve got a lot of work to do, got a lot of decisions to make. And it’s not just one, two, three or four. There are several decisions.

I think everybody in this country would agree that there’s a lot wrong with this team that we’ve got to address, and I’m certainly the one to address it.”

When pressed for one specific issue that did the team in, Jones said it was impossible to pick just one.

“I can’t put my finger on it because I don’t have enough fingers.”

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