Jones, Cowboys stand behind Tony Romo

What NFL franchise wouldn’t want a quarterback who throws for 4,184 yards, 31 touchdowns and posts a 102.5 passer rating?
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo turned in those numbers in 2011, arguably the best season of his professional career. But Romo also struggled early in the year, costing the Cowboys a pair of victories with inexcusable turnovers in losses to the Jets and Lions.
Both of those defeats occurred before Dallas’ October bye week. Following that weekend off, Romo responded by tossing 24 touchdowns and only five interceptions in the final 12 games of the season. The Cowboys, who finished 8-8, went 6-6 during that stretch but Romo was hardly to blame for the losses.
Turning 32 in April, Romo seems to have a few more quality seasons left in the tank. While some critics believe Romo is not the quarterback to deliver another Super Bowl berth to the storied franchise, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones recently said otherwise.
“We are firmly in the corner that [starting quarterback is] not our issue,” Jones told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday. “If you’re a Cowboy fan, if you’re somebody who wants the Cowboys to do well, that ought to be what you’re happiest about because if we didn’t have a quarterback we would have a real problem. I just believe Tony is as good as anybody.
“I think he plays that position well enough for us to win a Super Bowl, period. He’s that good. We’ve got to [do] some things differently in other parts of it and Tony has to do his part, too. He’s got to be a leader and he’s got to pull those guys in. But the way he plays quarterback isn’t our problem.”