J.J. Watt flooded with prom requests

J.J. Watt has been many things this year.

He’s been the best defensive player in the NFL.

He’s been married to a 6-year-old superfan.

He’s been a groom’s cake.

And now, it appears Watt is the most popular prom date in Houston.

Bombarded with prom requests, Watt had to address the situation via Facebook.

“Ok, I feel like I need to address this,” Watt posted. “I see all of the prom invitations and I am flattered, but unfortunately I cannot take you all.”

Asking celebrities to proms has become very fashionable with the emergence of social media, where one picture with said celeb at an event can change your social status overnight.

Watt has been more than open and available with his fans since he arrived in Houston, quickly becoming one of the most popular players on the team.  And with his past efforts, it’s easy to forgive Watt passing on the prom invites.

But, fear not J.J. Watt fans … because he still just might make time to take a two-step with you.

“Love you guys and appreciate your unbelievable support,” Watt posted. “Meet me at Reliant on gamedays this fall and we’ll dance there.”