Jerry Jones teaches a lesson on ‘boo school’

Following Sunday’s 29-24 loss to the New York Giants, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones was asked about being booed by the Cowboys Stadium crowd.

Jones said he understood the reaction and added that he had been to “boo school.” Not sure what boo school is? Well, Jones explained it Tuesday during his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM].

“First of all, they teach you, don’t ever walk in to another sport or another venue and be introduced — a basketball game, a baseball game or what have you — because if a boo starts it’s going to be pretty good, so don’t do that,” Jones said. “Why’d I even go to boo school? Really what I was implying is because certainly in 24 years I’ve experienced boos. But the other things is, we all know that for whatever the reason, we put it up on our screen and we also had Jason (Garrett) up there and I’m not sure if Tony (Romo) was up there or not, but that gives a good opportunity to create some kind of reminder about the fact that we’re not playing well, and those are the people responsible for not playing well.

“I accept that and I understand it. I’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt to get booed, but that just goes with it.”

The boos began during a breast cancer awareness video early in the second quarter. Several Cowboys players were also part of the advertisement but the boos came only when Jones appeared. Romo was not part of the segment but Garrett was shown during a different ad shortly after and he was also booed.