Jeremy Roenick on Seattle rumors: ‘I like my job’

Jeremy Roenick has never shied away from media interviews. But in the wake of reports that he would run the hockey operations for a Seattle NHL franchise if the Coyotes were to move there, Roenick noted twice Monday that no reporters had called him to verify the rumor before or after it surfaced.
“My job right now is to cover the NHL Stanley Cup Finals,” said Roenick, who provides analysis for NBC. “I am really happy with my job. It’s my dream job. I have always wanted to work for TV.”
It should be noted that Roenick would neither confirm nor deny the report. It should also be noted that Roenick has shown an interest in the suit-and-tie side of the NHL in the past, even being connected to previous Coyotes suitors, albeit never concretely.
When this was raised, Roenick reiterated his stance.
“I like my job,” he said.
CBC’s Glenn Healy reported this weekend that if the Glendale City Council does not approve an arena lease deal to keep the Coyotes, the team will move to Seattle as part of a $220 million sale. On Sunday, Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn admitted to discussions with the NHL and an ownership group. Roenick would reportedly work for prospective owners Ray Bartoszek and Anthony Lanza, one-time bidders for the New York Mets  (Bartoszek now owns a share of the New York Yankees).
Sources told FOX Sports Arizona last week that reconfigured drawings of Key Arena, which only seats about 11,000 for hockey, have been circulating, and a report from Seattle said the chilling system and ice-making equipment are currently operational at the arena, which means it could serve as a temporary home while groups begin working on getting a new arena built.
The memorandum of understanding for a new Seattle arena calls for an NBA franchise to be acquired in order to begin construction. It would likely have to be amended in order to begin construction for an NHL franchise first. 
If the Roenick rumor is true, it would be interesting to see how/if he would mesh with Coyotes general manager Don Maloney, who just signed a new deal and has been a vital component of the Coyotes’ improved play the past few seasons.
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