Jason Garrett: I have a great deal of respect for Jay Ratliff, as a player

IRVING, Texas — Jason Garrett doesn’t make negative comments about opposing players, so it would’ve been highly uncharacteristic of him to take a shot at Jay Ratliff during his Tuesday press conference.

But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t asked about the former Cowboys defensive tackle that recently joined the Chicago Bears.

“We’re playing the Chicago Bears,” Garrett said. “We’ve talked about this before, Jay was a big contributor to our team for a number of years. Have a great deal of respect for him as a player, but we’re getting ready to play the Bears.”

Asked about Ratliff, who is now going by the first name Jeremiah, saying Monday night’s game was just another game for him, Garrett again gave a short response.

“I can’t speak to that,” Garrett said. “I can only speak to our preparation. We’re getting ready to play the Bears. This is an important game for us.”

Another reporter then asked if Garrett thought Ratliff would play this year after the Cowboys released him on Oct. 16.

Again, Garrett said he didn’t want to get into that and followed with a short answer.

“I don’t know what his mindset was during that whole process,” Garrett said. “We’re focused on what we need to do to play our best football on Monday night.”

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