Hinske suspension reduced from 5 games to 1

The “Free Hinske” movement got its desired result.

Major League Baseball reduced Eric Hinske’s suspension for participating in a June 11 brawl at Dodger Stadium from five games to one on Tuesday.

Hinske, the Diamondbacks’ backup first baseman and pinch-hitter, dropped his appeal and will serve his suspension Tuesday night in the first of a three-game series with the Nationals in Washington. Hinske said his agent informed of him of Major League Baseball’s decision.

“He said that (MLB) had different video and that I did not throw punches, and I knew that,” Hinske said. “I was just trying to be patient through it and wait to hear because it was really out of my hands.

“Part of me still wants to appeal it because I feel like I did nothing wrong. But bringing it down four games is drastic, it’s a pretty fair thing.

Hinske also said he believes Dodgers star rookie Yasiel Puig should have been suspended for his role in the brawl.

“I definitely feel that Puig should’ve been suspended, 100 percent. He was the most out-of- control player in that whole thing,” Hinske said. “Why he didn’t get suspended? I don’t know. I have no idea. But I’m happy I only have one game instead of five.”

In all, eight members of the Diamondbacks and Dodgers organizations were suspended, including Diamondbacks right hander Ian Kennedy, who is serving his 10-game suspension.

The June 14 news release from MLB said Hinske was suspended for “leaving the dugout and his aggressive actions during the incidents.”

Dodgers left-hander J.P. Howell told the Los Angeles Times that Hinske’s suspension surprised him, saying, “He was actually being cool.”