Happy ending for Hudson, Topps in card flap

Daniel Hudson’s seemingly harmless tweet about his baseball card picture that blew up across the internet Monday really was, well, harmless.

The Diamondbacks right-hander, who is expected to miss much of the season while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery after tearing a ligament in his arm last June, took to Twitter on Sunday after he opened some fan mail that included a new Topps baseball card for an autograph.

The problem: The picture Topps selected for his 2013 card is from almost immediately after his injury last year, which was suffered during a game in Atlanta.

The tweet went viral, with both FOXSports.com and Yahoo documenting his reaction, and when Hudson was made aware of this unexpected media coverage, he quickly apologized to Topps while making it clear that he wasn’t too serious about the original criticism.

Fortunately, Topps wasn’t offended. The company responded to Hudson’s initial tweet via its official Twitter account, both offering its support and inviting Hudson and Diamondbacks reliever Brad Ziegler — a well-known baseball card aficionado — to the company’s corporate office in New York City.

While Hudson didn’t RSVP, he did respond in kind:

All’s well that ends well.